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3-day functions begins to mark Morcha Guru Ka Bagh centenary

AMRITSAR: The three-day functions on Saturday started to mark centenary of Morcha Guru Ka Bagh, an important chapter in Sikh history, with Panthak traditions at Gurdwara Guru Ka Bagh, Ghukewali in Amritsar district.

On the first day of centenary congregations, 100 students of different Sikh missionary colleges under the management of SGPC performed Gurbani Kirtan jointly with traditional tanti saaz (string instruments) and religious competitions of students from different schools were also organised. Earlier, Sri Akhand Path Sahib dedicated to the centenary was started at Gurdwara Guru Ka Bagh.

The SGPC President Harjinder Singh Dhami, who reached on the occasion of commencement of centenary events while sharing the history of the Morcha appealed to the present generation to take inspiration from this chapter of Sikh history.

He said in the history of Sikh Qaum (community), the Sakas (massacres) and Morchas (fronts) keep special importance as they tell the story of Sikh struggle during the arduous times.

“The new generation should take inspiration from the Sikh history created by the ancestors, so that the Sikh Qaum can face the present and future challenges in light of the same”, said Dhami.

Talking about the centenaries of Sikh history, he said that the centenary days are very important for the Sikh Qaum to make its own churning as Sikh gather in large numbers to review and open the pages of their history.

He said that the purpose of dedicating the first day of the centenary of Morcha Guru Ka Bagh to children and youth is to inspire the new generation to move forward with inspiration from the religious history and it is the duty of every parent to educate their children with Sikh faith besides good education.

On this occasion, Dhami also spoke about the injustice by the governments with Bandi Singhs (Sikh political prisoners).

“It is not good for the governments to discriminate against the Sikhs who have spent more than three decades of term in jails, because Sikhs have always thought for the country and they never shied away from making sacrifices for the interests of the country”, said Dhami.

Dhami said that the government should release of Sikh prisoners without further delay.

The SGPC President appealed to the Sangat to arrive with enthusiasm at the main congregation dedicated to the centenary of Morcha Guru Ka Bagh on August 8, so that the tributes could be paid to the Sikhs who struggled in this Morcha with full attendance.

Painting dedicated to Morcha Guru Ka Bagh exhibited

Meanwhile, the specially made paintings depicting the history of Morcha Guru Ka Bagh were also exhibited at the complex of Gurdwara Guru Ka Bagh Morcha and the Sangat showed special interest in the same. In this painting exhibition, a total of 65 paintings have been exhibited, which were painted during a painting workshop organised by SGPC.

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